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Production Catering Done Right

Dine Like a Star Everywhere You Shoot

Shooting somewhere in Ontario and thinking about what to feed cast and crew on the set? Focus on principal photography chores and other more important aspects of TV or film production instead.

Pass that gruesome task over to the guys at iFEED Catering. We’ll make sure everyone on the set dines like a star! 

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Regional Cuisine Choices

Sample every item on our menu and ask us for recommendations. We prepare dishes following authentic recipes from a variety of regions all around the world. Contact us today to discuss food choices and to request quotes or estimates.

Wheelchair-Accessible Craft Truck

Well-prepared each time we show up on the set, we have with us the first and only wheelchair-accessible craft truck in the country. Whenever requested, we throw in a generator to go with the whole rig. Find no difficulty getting the best meals while you work.

What iFEED Stands For 

International Food – we cook all types of food.

Ecological – we follow a no-garbage-produced-on-the-set policy.

Events and Distribution – that’s our fun way of saying on-site catering.

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Blockbuster Meals 

Before putting up iFEED Catering 5 years ago, we worked the food service business for a long time. Bringing more than 9 years’ worth of experience over to our company, we now happily offer production catering services.

We serve meals to producers, directors, production managers and coordinators, as well as lead and support actors. Interestingly, these are the very same people with a lot to say about the meals we serve:

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How Did You Like It? 

Was the food as fantastic and as stellar as you expected it to be? Let us know. It’s the best and only way for us to know how we can make your next meals on the set even more enjoyable.

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